How does metal recycling work?

Metal recycling companies buy scrap metal from businesses and the public. They separate it using machinery and then sell it as sorted metals to processors who turn it into new products. Future Recycling Metals is paid for the metal, so we can pay you for the metals you bring us.


How do I get paid?

The price we pay for your metal is based on the ‘market rate’ that Future Recycling Metals gets when selling the scrap. The higher the volume of metal you have, the better the price Future Recycling Metals may pay.

We can arrange direct transfer (EFT) to account customers with an ABN or reverse EFT straight into your bank account.


How do you work out what to pay me for my scrap?

We weigh your vehicle when you arrive (or the full bin if you have a collection). Then after unloading, we weigh your vehicle again (or the empty bin). We pay you based on the weight and the type of material.


I have too much metal to fit into a trailer or ute. What do I do?

Depending on the volumes generated, Future Recycling Metals can provide a free on site bin for metals, including a pick up. We provide this service on a regular basis under contract or as a once off. If you are interested in bins for your metals, click here to go to the bins page, or here to contact us.


What types of metals can I sell?

Future Recycling Metals will buy any scrap metal from you.

Ferrous Metals – metals which have a component of iron (ie they will rust if left in contact with water).

Non Ferrous Metals – metals which have no iron component.

Go to our ‘Scrap Finder’ for a full list and pictures of all the metals we buy.


Do I need to have an ABN to sell my metal?

No, but if you don’t have an ABN you will need to present your drivers license to deliver scrap. There is a limit of $300 per day for license deliveries. There is no limit for ABN customers.