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Future Recycling Metals is Victoria’s leading ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling organisation. Whether you’re a tradesman looking for a scrap metal buyer because you have realised the value in scrap metal or a corporation looking for a recycling company that shares your understanding of the need to sustainably use resources and operate efficiently, Future Recycling Metals will take care of you professionally and competitively.


New laws and payment method

On the 27th September 2017, the Victorian Parliament passed laws banning cash payments for scrap metal recycling. As a part of these laws, businesses will be banned from making or taking cash payments, possessing or trading an unidentified motor vehicle and will be required to keep records of all transactions involving scrap metal. Due to these changes, there will be traceable information for every transaction, with businesses facing maximum fines of more than $30,000 for not complying with these new regulations.

Future Recycling has stayed ahead of these changes and wants to minimise the inconvenience to our customers. From the 30th May Future Recycling will be one of few scrap dealers in Victoria with the ability to reverse EFT straight into your bank account, meaning that you will have access to your funds almost immediately.

Our Services

  • on site bins

    On site bins

    Future Recycling Metals can provide a once off collection, a contracted regular service or an at call service usually within 24 hours. At Future Recycling Metals, we are proud of our safety record and the services we provide will always be delivered with the safety of our employees, your employees and the general public as our primary concern.
    We have a range of bin sizes available. Click here to request more information.
    Depending on the type and quantity of scrap metal you are generating at your site, our traders will help you determine the type and size of bin you need.
    After assessing your needs and any risks prior to delivery we will deliver a bin to your site and arrange for collection at mutually agreed dates and frequencies.

  • Can Cage locations

    “Can Cage” is a great fundraiser for community groups and sporting clubs and Future Recycling Metals will help you make all the necessary arrangements.
    How does “Can Cage” work?
    We deliver a collection cage to your site, your club members and the public fill the cage with aluminium cans and when the cage is full we collect the cage, weigh the cans at our depots and pay your club for the value of the cans collected. It couldn’t be easier.”

    Click here for permanent locations
  • scrap metal hauler

    What scrap is it?

    Selling your scrap metal to Future Recycling Metals is a simple and easy process. Click here to see how easy it is. We accept all kinds of scrap metal, but if you don’t know what you have, go to our scrap finder by clicking on the link below.

    Click here to find out what types of scrap metal we take

Sustainability Policy

Future Recycling Metals understands the need for companies to do more to protect our environment and that a sustainable business pays equal attention to economic, social and environmental outcomes in its operation.

To that end this Sustainability Statement describes Future Recycling Metals’s intention to continually improve its operation through::

  • always meeting and preferably exceeding regulatory laws and regulations
  • always maintaining a safe work environment through the correct use of equipment
  • engagement with employees to ensure high standards of performance
  • utilisation of the highest standards of systems accreditation
  • monitoring of water and energy to minimise use in all operations
  • maximisation of resources recovery opportunities through the recycling of materials and the minimisation of waste
  • introduction of energy efficiency measures to minimise greenhouse gas production

Environmental Policy

Future Recycling Metals is committed to being a carbon neutral business. As such the Scope 1 and 2 emissions associated with the running of the business during 2014 have been calculated from all material emissions sources which principally relate to energy consumption (power and fuel) and total 1,402 tonnes of CO2e.

The calculation of emissions has been carried out in accordance with the Federal Government’s Greenhouse Accounts Factors (2014) and consistent with the methodology outlined in the National Carbon Offset Standard, matching Verified Carbon Units issued by the Voluntary Carbon Standard have been purchased and retired to offset the 1,402 tonnes of CO2e emitted by Future Recycling Metals.

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